nicoz balboa
Nicoletta Zanchi aka Nicoz aka Nicoz Balboa was born in Rome. She now resides in France, where she is the founder and director of the True Hate Gallery in La Rochelle. Her comics and illustrations appeared in various magazines such as Target Magazine, RUGGED (the Carhart magazine), Stripburger, Look De Book and on online magazines, Ideafixa. Her solo comic-album, LUNATICA is now on Nicoz often collaborates with different rock bands and designs rock-posters (Unsane, Motorama, the Normals, the Intellectuals, Bloody Hollies, the Smackdown to name a few). She also participated in group exhibitions at MFGallery of New York, Head Quarters Gallery of Montreal, at the " Dirty Show" in Detroit, and at the Roman, " SKULLS OF ROME" organized by DRAGO editions. Nicoz held a solo show at the Toast Gallery and at the Tribal Act Gallery in Paris.

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