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PMS Revolution
May 6-June 5

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  • Press Release 

    Los Angeles – Black Maria Gallery announced a new group exhibition titled “PMS Revolution.” The show willopen on Saturday, May 6, at 7 PM.

    According to curator Sam Saga, who is one of the participating artists, the exhibition is neitherabout PMS per se nor, necessarily, revolution.

    “Rather,” Saga explained, “this is an homage to the profoundlylife-affirming gesture embodied in the menstrualact. It is a tribute to the programmed biological sacrifice whichwomen go through every month, a sacrifice through which theyreenact the ritual of spilling blood without having to spillthe blood of others.”

    Black Maria owner Zara Zeitountsian said theexhibition is an opportunity for participating artists to explorenotions of transmuting the human will to violence and also thatof renewal through the prism of menstruation.

    “Taken metaphorically,” she explained, “themenstrual event has the function of maintaining a delicateequilibrium by eliminating or purging what’s obsolete and therebyassuring regeneration. As importantly, menstruation may well be viewed as women’s way of transcending an ingrained,animal instinct for violence through a regular act ofself-sacrifice. Women, after all, are not naturally given to goingto war. They don’t need to, because they are blessed (orcursed, as the case may be) with the powerful ability to takecare of war in their own backyard, so to speak, through theintensely personal ritual of spilling their own blood. Men arenot so lucky.”

    “PMS Revolution.” will feature new and recent paintings byeleven artists, many of whom are based in Los Angeles. Participating artists include: Jack Howe, PlainJane, Sam Saga, Julie Murphy, Kris Lewis, Sophia Gasparian,Pamela Henderson, Billy Reynolds, Karine Matsakian, DanaBean, and Dane Flighty. Opening night will feature aperformance by Lory Tatoulian. The exhibition will remain openuntil June 5, 2006.

  • Featured Artists
  • Karine Karine Matsakian

    Karine Matsakian was born in Leninakan –Armenia andstudied at the Yerevan art and theatre institute. Matsakian describes her art as being “against the Neo patriarchal tendency in our world.” Usingadvertising images—from magazine cover pages, wallpaper, and otherdisposal materials—Matsakian questions the lifestyle choicesof modern society, and the illusions that the surfaces ofmodernity present. She lives and works in Armenia.

    Sophia Sophia Gasparian

    Sophia Gasparian (b. 1972, Armenia) is a Los Angelesbased artist. Gasparian studied with cult filmmaker GeorgeKuchar and received her master's degree in film from SanFrancisco Art Institute. Gasparian is recipient of severalawards and her work is being exhibited internationally.


    Sam PMS Samuel Saga

    Samuel Saga-Saghatelian graduated from YerevanInstitute of Architecture and pursued a career inarchitecture. He began his journey as an artist anda illustrator in 1988.

    Saghatelian was among the artists chosen toparticipate in the Armenian Pavillion at the 2001Venice Biennale. In 2002 he was awarded aFellowship for ArtsLink/Vermont Studio Center inVermont, USA and had exhibitions in Vermont StudioCenter and New York. Samuel Saga now lives and worksin Los Angeles,CA.

    Julie Murphy

    Julie Murphy graduated from Art Center College ofDesign in Pasadena, California. Everydayexperiences-- both adventurous and banal-- inspireher artwork.Perplexed and intrigued by the bizarre country she lives in, Juliechooses not to document events, but to express amoment in time inhabited by fictional and realcharacters-- toempathize with and mirror the weirdness that we aresurrounded by everyday in our man-made culture.Today, she divides her time between art, videoproduction and traveling to faraway places.


    Kris Lewis

    Kris Lewis lives and works in New Jersey. He studied Illustration at the University of the Arts inPhiladelphia, where he excelled in figurative painting. His majorinfluences include Bougereau, the Pre- Raphaelites, Mucha,early Italian Renaissance painters, and the folklore of his Latvian heritage. Lewis’ most recent works are of asurrealist quality, replete with historical and biblical references and psychological undertones.


    Pamela Henderson Pamela Henderson

    Pamela Henderson’s work draws from her own life experience,with imagery ranging from object portraiture tonarrative scenes that manage to elicit beauty and malevolenceat the same time.


    Billy Billy Reynolds

    Billy Reynolds moved to Los Angeles in 2004 topursue his art career. He creates luscious realistic oil paintings fromclay models and sets that he constructs himself. The comical and grotesque models areimprovised, while the paintings are meticulously rendered withtraditional oil painting techniques.

    Billy’s work reverbarates between the familiar and the odd, and between the beautiful and theperverse. He shows us the dualities that reside inall of us, our lives, and our relationships.


    Plain Jane

    Plain Jane was born plain Elizabeth Jane Gotts in Worcestershire England.

    Jane began her working life in animation in Bristoland then London and was eventually shipped out to Los Angeles to work at DreamWorks. She worked in various guises ashead of the color model dept, head of 2d-cg and compositing supervisor on such films as Prince of Egypt, ElDorado, Spirit and Sinbad. Things turned digital and she decided totake time off to focus on painting and taking on thealter ego of Plain Jane.

    She is currently concentrating on exploringportraiture, drawing inspiration particularly from Tudor portraits and isobsessed by a painting of the Cholmondeley Sisters at the Tate.

    Dana Bean

    Merging the whimsical with the mundane, Dana’spaintings are playfully infused with an anxiety and lazynostalgia. Smothered by the blitz of modern conveniences, theisolated characters in Dana’s paintings suffer from malaiseand the apprehension of sustaining a connection with theviewer. They are weighed down with the responsibility ofmaintaining the character, material goods, and routines thatthey think they need.

    Dana was conceived in South Africa, born inColorado, but by Los Angeles standards is considereda tried and true LA native (transplanted at age 12)

    Jack 2 Jack Howe

    Jack Howe lives in Santa Cruz, CA. A self-taught assemblage artist, he attended three years of high school where insteadof exemplary work he did expellatory work. His works are narrative pieces encoded with antique bits and pieces that tell a story, reflecting his appreciation of decay. "The Los Angeles Times comments: "...the veneer of time lay heavily over all." Jack has exhibited in New York, San San Francisco, and many other cities. In Los Angeles he has exhibited at La Luz de Jesus since the early 1990s and also at Patricia Correia Gallery, along with the Don O’Melveny Gallery. His work has appeared in major and indie films and is part of numerous corporate and private collections.


    Billy Dane Flighty

    Dane Flighty is an emerging artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Predominately self taught, Dane'sworks can be as charming as they as are disturbing. Referencing, cartoons, propaganda posters, and children's illustrations he creates a confrontational world of cute yet somewhat dark characters & environments.

    His works have been published in IDN, Australian Financial Review and Australian Anthill.

    Lory Tatoulian Lory Tatoulian

    Tatoulian is an actress and playwright whose work explores issues of cultural identity, gender and ethnic communitydynamics. Her comedic character-studies define the core of her style. Tatoulian's explorations take root in theatrical monologues that meld the comedic and absurd experiences of several ethnic groups, including Armenians, who make-up the American tableau. Her intelligible character portraits range from an Avon Lady who wants to help democratize the world, to a housewife jazz singer from Beirut, to a car addict who contemplates her free-will on the freeway in the award-winning piece "Autosapiens," a comedic realization of Californians' intricate relationship with their automobiles.


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