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blood sister
jennybird's solo exhibition
February 17 - March 12, 2007

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, Feb. 17, 7 PM

3137 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
323.660.9393 & 818.613.9090
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 12 PM-6 PM or by appointment

“Blood Sister,” Jennybird’s solo exhibition, will open on Saturday, February 17, 2007, at 7 PM.

The theme of this exhibition is drawn form the artists’ childhood. “When I was a little girl, I became ‘blood sisters’ with the flaxen-haired neighbor girl that my older sister and I used to fight over,” she explained. “While the pinprick hurt, I was willing to have that momentary pain because the ritual seemed so meaningful to me and I wanted something sacred and special, a secret bond.”

Jennybird continued: “Blood Sister is the Hunter and the Hunted. It’s about soul connection and duality, an offering of the heart. My new works delve into the narratives of relationships – relationships with the self, with nature, animals, and fellow venturers. As to the blood connection, it’s about the inseparable nature of life and death.”

The show will feature a new series of paintings that explores the complex interconnectedness of things, as seen through the prism of myth, fable and daydream. “The shared space of everyday consciousness and unfettered imagination is the stuff of Jennybird’s art,” said Black Maria director Zara Zeitountsian. “It’s what makes her new works so vibrant and powerful, in terms of both composition and technique.”

“Blood Sister” will remain open until March 12, 2007

A native of Napa, California, Jennybird spent a childhood steeped in the fantastical mindscapes of the Brothers Grimm, “The Wizard of Oz,” and zombie movies. Her fondness for the world of the imagination led to a serious interest in art, and she went on to study at the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA degree in 1995.

“I have always been a daydreamer,” she says. “My inspirations come from a wide variety of sources including fairytales and fables, mythology, the natural world and freaks of nature, melancholy and classical music, long road trips to the middle of nowhere and the surprises found along the way, oddities, Victorian fashion, old medical book illustrations, folk art, costuming, creepy religious statues and paintings, carnivals, trips down memory lane, broken dolls, and objects out of place.”

Jennybird has exhibited at Southern Exposure (San Francisco), Burning Man Funhouse (Black Rock City, NV), MF (New York), True Hate (La Rochelle, France), and Thinkspace (Los Angeles), among others.  She currently lives in San Francisco.





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