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skip the mall
black market at black maria
November 18, 2006 through January 4, 2007

Opening Reception: Saturday November 18, 7-11pm

3137 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
323.660.9393 & 818.613.9090
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 12 PM-6 PM or by appointment

The show will carry a bazaar theme, mixing art with distinctive objects: from a unique and colorful array of products such as clothing, books, prints, dolls, and household items to diverse art pieces placed on clothing racks and shoe boxes. In keeping with the shopping mall theme, patrons will also be able to take with them whatever they purchase, just as they would in a store.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Billy Reynolds, Kio Griffith, Patrick Haemmerlein, Ken Garduno, Samuel Saghatelian, Katherine Chiu, Taleen Berberian, Molly Crabapple, Grace Chee, Matt Burlingame, Christin Ciaccio Briggs, Scott Ferry, Eun Ju Chang, Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Levon Jihanian, Scot Nobles, Kortez, Julie Lee and Regina Allen.

“Shopping at malls and department stores is a serialized and generic experience, which numbs the actual pleasure of shopping associated with surprise and discovery. The idea is to both poke fun at the cosmopolitan shopping experience and, on a serious note, remind ourselves of the rewards of appreciating and owning great art and objects of beauty. Our upcoming exhibition is an attempt to offer a vibrant, over- the-top counterpoint to the often oppressive mall setting. It’s our way of breaking down the wall between the elitism hovering over art galleries and the sheer joy of shopping for its own sake. We’d like our patrons to feel that shopping for a wonderful painting can be as emotionally and spiritually satisfying as stumbling on a sexy dress or a striking piece of home furnishing.” said Black Maria director, Zara Zeitountsian..”

Black Maria is located at 3137 Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 12 to 6 PM; or by appointment 818.613.9090.


Regina Allen was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. She holds an MFA degree in Painting from Northwestern University and a BA degree in English Literature from Washington University. Herwork combines imagery of women and children pulled from various sources with textile and wallpaper designs from the last 300 years. After transforming textile patterns into abstracted landscapes, she weaves reoccurring favorite shapes and images into them, and incorporates figurative elements, which are usually line drawings. These works are provocative and seductive, as they take something decorative and beautiful on the surface and make them more complex and a little discomforting. Regina lives in Los Angeles.

View Imageswww.reginaallen.com

Taleen Berberian holds a BFA degree from California College of the Arts and a MFA degree from Pratt institute. Inherent in Taleen Berberian’s sculpture and installations is a stylized notion of femininity that re-integrates traditional elements in unorthodox ways. She combines materials with sexual connotations, as well as references to fashion design and surrealism, resulting in a playful interpretation of archetypal forms. Berberian’s work has been exhibited bi-coastally and abroad. Her awards include the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s World Views Artist Residency Program and the Bronx Museum of the Arts Artist in the Marketplace Residency Program. She has worked as a Professor of Art at St. John’s University and an art teacher at the 92nd Street Y school. She received an Artslink grant for a residency to the Republic of Armenia in 2001. She lives in New York City.

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Matt Burlingame was born in a small town in Michigan, where his worldview was shaped by television, Catholic school and the looming haze of automotive factories. Brutally honest yet laced with a winking sense of humor, his art depicts the depravity of society in its most blatant forms. Burlingame lives in Los Angeles, where his work has appeared at several galleries including La Luz de Jesus, Copro Nason, and Thinkspace. His work is 100% handmade.

View Imageswww.mattburlingame.com

Christin Ciaccio Briggs is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work examines notions of fate, luck, and the paths we choose in life. She has exhibited her work in galleries across the United States and abroad, and was a featured artist in the renowned “New American Paintings” publication. She is currently a resident artist at Art Studio C in Eagle Rock.

View Imageswww.pbcbstudios.com

Eun Ju Chang holds a BFA degree from the Art Center College of Design. She infuses her love of fashion into her art through sewing, painting, fabricating, and treating thread like a drawing or a painting medium. She finds inspiration in a plethora of subjects, from history to contemporary art movements. Eun Ju Chang lives near Los Angeles.

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Grace Chee was born in Hong Kong, China. She recently graduated from the Art Center College of Design, with a BFA degree in Illustration. She draws inspiration from her memorable childhood in Hong Kong. Her favorite medium is printmaking, including etching, woodcut, and silkscreen, Her goal is to become a children’s book illustrator

View Imageswww.gracechee.com

Katherine Chiu lives and works in Los Angeles. She received a BFA degree in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. Her art explores the sweetness and complexities of relationships. By combining real space and surreal imagery, she creates whimsical realities.Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, New York, and various magazines.

View Imageswww.katherinechiu.net

Molly Crabapple drew her way through Morocco and Kurdistan, and once into a Turkish jail.Later, during a stint as a burlesque dancer, she saw plain women emerging from the club’s dressing room as goddesses. Through paint, feathers, and pasties, they made themselves gorgeous. Theirs was beauty as a garment, a shell, and a mask.In the two time periods Crabappledraws from most, Victorian England and Rococo France, public lives were often as artificial as a burlesque dancer’s face. Crabapple’s characters are creatures of the polished surface. They’re molded by ornament and sometimes trapped inside. But as with any mask, there’s a face underneath. And the face in Crabapple’s work is smirking. For any mask, or mask-like society, has a weakness. If you want to crack it, you only have to laugh.

View Imageswww.mollycrabapple.com

Scott Ferry is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work is inspired by mystic flights, dark eroticism, subtle disturbances, and nightmarish reflections. He uses contemporary techniques as well as traditional media to create a unique world. His current series is a personal journey teeming with metaphors, beautiful and painfully violent experiences, the sadistic, the masochistic, and funny innuendos. Ferry has exhibited in solo and group shows in California, Arizona, Washington, and Quebec, Canada.

View Imageswww.scottferry.com

Patrick Haemmerlein Patrick Haemmerlein’s car-portrait series began as studies of the panoramic views and urban dynamics of Los Angeles. The designs are created entirely of Haemmerlein’s own photographs, mostly taken from the seat of his car. Thus every bird, piece of dirt, palm tree, and city scene has been isolated from photographs that he has shot during the five years he has lived in Los Angeles. The vehicles represent an ode to the popular cars of Haemmerlein’s childhood, as dying American icons. As for the tanks and the messages, they’re based on more current events.

View Imageswww.urban1028.com

Ken Garduno was born on October 28, 1977 in Hollywood, California.  He is a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design, where he received a BA with honors for illustration.  After graduation, he decided to pursue a career in editorial illustration and participated in gallery shows.  His clients include the New York Times, LA Weekly, LA Citybeat, SF Weekly, Esquire Russia, and the Pasadena Weekly.  His other interests (other than art) include walking, traveling, and hanging out with his girlfriend Lillian.

View Imageswww.kengarduno.com

Kio Griffith Born in Kamakura, Japan, Kio Griffith lives and works in Los Angeles.  Arranging moments that occur through everyday life, Griffith creates a map of thought, a nebulous idea of what the day may have been made of. The resulting rhythmic drawings, rendered in white out, ink, pencil, and tea pigments, reflect attention to both traditional folk art and the art of the insane. With a fascination of music and musicians, Griffith drifts toward improvisational illusions, which emanate less from imagery than the exploratory range of markings that bring it into being.

View Imageswww.kiogriffith.com

Levon Jihanian Levon Jihanian’s work at turns expresses loathing, amusement, and awe vis a vis humanity and its inherent weaknesses. Accordingly, his subject matter includes but is not limited to monsters, cyclopes, and vampires. Jihanian has exhibited in galleries in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denton, and Ontario. He has published several comic books including Bitter Disappointment, Enjoy the Hotdog, and Fork Frenzy. He lives in Los Angeles.

View Imageswww.levonjihanian.com

Kortez is a Los Angeles-based artist who holds a degree in computer animation and graphic design from Art Institute of Los Angeles in Santa Monica. His work, which is often defined by a sharp critique of social inequity, has been exhibited at a number of galleries including Casa De Sauza, Blue Chips, and Part One. He lives in Silverlake. 

View Imageswww.myspace.com/kortezart

Julie Lee received her BFA degree in illustration from the Art Center College of Design. She is inspired by great art, whether it is a painting in a gallery or on the street, murals on a wall, or any kind of scribble or mark. Given the vast diversity of life and multiplicity of people, she feels fortunate to be able to speak through the universal language of art.

View Imageswww.julie-lee.com

Scot Nobles lives, breathes, and makes art in Los Angeles. He uses a unique acrylic paint technique to create collages with contrasting textures and images. Words, ideas, colors, designs, and motifs all overlap to create a seemingly random, yet structured, pattern. His work allows the viewer a glimpse into the inner workings of his subconscious.

View Imageswww.losergoes1st.com

Billy Reynolds moved to Los Angeles in 2004, after receiving his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Billy creates luscious realistic oil paintings from direct observation of clay models and sets that he constructs himself. In the paintings shown in this particular show, Billy has created Wilma Flintstone, and Lois, from “The Family Guy” cartoon show. The question with these works is: are these cartoon women ready for their husbands, are they posing for a photo shoot, or are they living out a fantasy of yours? Billy’s work reverberates between the familiar and the odd, the beautiful and the perverse. He shows us the complexities that reside in all of our lives.

View Imageswww.billyreynolds.com

Sam Saghatelian graduated from Yerevan Institute of Architecture and pursued a career in architecture, until in 1988, at the brink of the collapse of the USSR and Armenia’s independence; he started his journey as an artist. He was one of the artists representing the Armenian Pavilion at the 2001 Venice Biennale, and his works are part of the permanent collection of the Armenian Museum of Contemporary Art. Inspired by the innovative American art scene, Sam Saga now lives and works in Los Angeles.

View Imageswww.samsaghatelian.com

Alexandra Wiesenfeld has exhibited nationally and in Germany. Her exhibition venues include Dactyl, NYC, Angles, Santa Monica Post and Dirt Gallery, and the Eagle Rock Cultural City. She was featured in the last pacific coast edition of “New American Painting.” She is currently teaching at ELAC, and lives and works in Los Angeles.

View Imageswww.alexandrawiesenfeld.com

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